Using my old potato masher is comforting

 Neither my mother nor grandmother had the life or personality that allowed her to become emotionally attached to "things."  I have made up for it.  I am emotionally attached to everything.  That was one of the reasons it was hard to put things in the moving sale.  I was even emotionally attached to my antique potato masher, and it made the move.  I have mashed potatoes with it for 60 years and it is comforting to do so.

When I wrote about my love for aprons, I was delighted to get responses.  Gail lovingly described her three aprons hanging on an iron hook on her cellar door.  One is a green-on-green vegetable print; one is an orange and black fall print.  Her favorite for baking pies and goodies is black with cherry and pink pies all over.   I can just picture them there...

Margaret confessed to having stopped wearing aprons years ago -- probably when she began to wear clothes she didn't really care to protect.  That said, she still has the one-piece 'pinny' in turquoise gingham that she made in Home Ec in Grade 7, one that goes on over her head that her late great-quilting-aunt made for herself and used ...and a pristine white one with line drawings of cats all over it that a dear friend gave to her, and it is too pretty to use.
I also have a gorgeous white Battenberg lace apron to wear when I have lady friends in for afternoon tea. I used to do that occasionally years ago and the apron has been starched and pressed and folded in tissue ever since. Even though it has never been worn for years, it made the move because when I see it in the drawer it brings a flood of precious memories of a springtime "Daffodil Tea" and the lovely lace shop in London where I bought the apron.  I still have the invitation and menu from that tea.  I will have DH type the menu and post about it.   

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