Five-legged green cat with two tails

 I began my workaday life in Alaska as a primary teacher in 1966. I taught 5-7 year olds for ten years and they were so amazing.  If you asked a 5 year old to draw a horse he'd say "of course." It wasn;t until they got to be 7 that   they worried that their horse disn;t look like a real horse.  One day I asked  5 year old Bennie to paint his cat for me and in short order he was waving his masterpiece proudly before me. and proclaiming "I did it.! I did it!"  And he had  indeed painted his five-legged green cat with two tails.

My dad's mantra  was that it was important to do a task well or not at all.  It has taken me all these years to realize that it is not important how well you do something but it is important that you actually do it!!!...So like Bennie I am offering up my  humble birdhouses with great enthusiasm saying  "I did it! I did it!"


color, color. and more color


As my eyesight diminishes it isn't as if  my world is going black...  Instead I refer to the three "Ds"  First everything continues to get dimmer and dimmer, The second "D" is distorted...everything is warped and disjointed ... the third "D" is double and sometimes more than double images. The hardest to describe are the void areas where there are holes in the retina......  There is no black, gray or anything.. just a void. When I look at someone I can see hair, ears, neck but no mouth and eyes ....just a void.  I still have some peripheral vision in my left eye which keeps me forging ahead.  I am eternally grateful for speech recognition and text reading technology.

I do not mention this to sound dismal as it is just a constant challenge to be tackled.  I mention it to explain my current absolute obsession with color.  I want it everywhere ...on and around me.  So  in addition to masses of blooms, I want color oozing throughout my garden.  I am in love with this walk and the bright totems...both of which I want and must find a way.I care not a whit anymore on the quality of what I do and at the moment am working on some birdhouses for a structure I put in last fall. No precise lines....just the wild application of color in the manner of an enthusiastic 4-year old. Years before I would have designed, built and decorated these elaboratly.  But these I bought preuilt  from Amazon and  am using sponges to paint and loving every minute..


Years and years ago I used old windows and recyled wood to build a small mini-greenhouse/cold frame.  It was perfect for tender veggies before the ground was warm enough to plant.  But alas it being of old materials, it eventually collapsed. 

 I wanted something si

milar for here as the south side of the grargage caputures  the winter sun and is sheltered from the wind.  First I thought of actually buying a small greenhouse and then a friend suggested buying a greenhouse window kit to attach to the garage 

But it was cheaper by far to adapt one of Wayfair's arbor kits.  Cheaper, more durable, plus free shipping and easy to assemble. I didn't quite get it done before spring but it is at the top og the list now. 

The bed in his area by the potting bench is my biggest success story so far.  I started with a 6' round bed with an iron obelisk in the middle.  I planted a clematis and sweet peas on the obelisk and then set out to cram the bed with plants that would be compatible.  I chose iris, shasta daisies, a tall achillea, veronica, ornamental oregano, monarda, lavender , and salvia   and  bordered it with a low, compact perennial  geranium.  It was perfect and wild with bees all summer,  When I added more pavers to this area the circle became a rectangle but with a little squishing of plants it all worked out.

So in this area about 10' square I have this lovely bed. my potting bench,  the mini-greenhouse, decorative tool storage, and this great poly???? bench...another kit from Wayfair and it holds all the hoses, wands, sprinklers. etc/  This was never intended to be embellished but it now has crossed my mind...  I find myself sitting a lot  on this shady bench drinking my giner tea and watching the bees.



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