Down Memory Lane

This is a retro from 2010 RR.  Since I have nothing new to post, I was obviously over-optimistic on my recovery from the accident and still trying to do most everything one-handed..

But this was one of my favorite RRs so I thought you might like revisiting also and there is a tip or two as well..

The little barn owl for Margreet's Art Nouveau block is finished and ready to cut out and applique to the block... Just one technique I wanted to point out.... I outlined the sections on the wing in black. Since I didn't want it to look like stained glass when finished.... as I filled it, every once in a while I nipped the rust threads into the black outline... which broke up the line visually.

I also used two contrasting threads on the wings...closer in color than the two I used on the chest.

Here is the finished block...  My first inclination was to do the background and then applique the owl and then I changed my mind and appliqued the owl first... I should have followed my first inclination...

I didn't get the owl on quite straight and it made doing the background harder...and it was all a little off kilter but luckily Margreet left plenty of extra fabric around the stitching area and I was able to change the basting lines so all ended well.. Having extra fabric around the block is a great idea...

I particularly chose to do a barn owl because Margreet lives in the Netherlands and they have a remarkable program for the protection of barn owls and their habitat.  More on the inspiration for this design http://olderrose.blogspot.com/2010/08/whole-block-is-complete-post-689.html

Going Monday to Seaside Oregon for a week.... taking stitching and going to give it a try.


She lives!!!! and cottages finally....

I can take my arm out of the sling for part of the day and the splint is off my hand so I can stitch and hopefully paint again soon... almost 2 weeks since the accident.  I can probably mop the kitchen soon also as it certainly needs it.   These are a few of the cottages I did just before the accident and just now getting them all posted on Etsy.



At the beginning of a fun day with precious grandkids ..about 20 minutes later DH was driving me to emergency in Kellogg. now arm is in sling, hand in splint, large painful  bruising on stomach, and I have a broken rib besides... great pain. results of losing control of my bike and going off the trail onto a pile of railroad ties and rocks....

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