I love upcycling....giving something a second or third life is great.  But it is not often I get to give something a fourth life.  Such is the case with this piece of iron..  It started out as a headboard and then for a while it was the back to a bench in the garden at the farm and next it became part of a gate in the sheep pasture.  I couldn't resist moving it along to the new house...not sure what it would become here but it is now the decorative back to my much loved and much used potting bench.


I have always had some type of potting area.  I love to take cuttings, do divisions, and nurse along small plants,  The area by the garage (about 12' x 12') has evelolved into my "work" area and the star feature is this potting bench...  The shelves are wire closet shelving from a thrift store.  During the summer I used it almost every day and the piece of iron gives it an elegant old world touch.


Me Again!!!!

I am supposing that I have lost most of my readers since it has been about 9 months since I posted. But I have to admit I miss posting a lot. I had written iver 2000 posts and had over 1.5 million hits. Posting was a combination of a diary and a way to share my life with friends. To communicate online now  I depend mostly on the capabilities of speech recognition and text to voice programs . The speech recognition is filled with errors and I struggle with all the Narrator commands but keep working at it.  It's awkward but I'm trying to find a better way. 

I spent most of the summer in therapy classes recovering from a stroke which affected my right side.. But now I am as good as I'm going to get.

Thank heavens for my garden. It si the only place I feel normal and spent dawn to dusk all summer transforming my small patch . Most of my time was either digging up sod or dealing with it. After I dug it up I removed the soil and screened it. The fibrous parts are composting and the lovely screened soil (without rocks) went back into the beds. Now that chore is behind me and I can focus on fine tuning the multitude of plants I brought from the farm. I also have some others projects I;ve done and lots of things in the works.... hope to share it all.

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