Talk to me


I just love it when an inanimate object  talks to me.

I can remember as a child   listening to the radio as I cut out paper dolls.  Does anyone play with paper dolls anymore?  I loved  the mysteries like The Shadow, The Whistler, and Inner Sanctum.

Then along came tape recorders, television,

and answering machines.  And now a whole new array of talking machines with Alexa being the most vocal.  She helps me find my phone several times a day.  Of course, now even my computer talks.  And the car patiently tells us where to go.


A couple years ago, Lilac City Services for the Blind gave me a talking watch which I love.  It announces the time every hour on the hour.  And I can ask it the date and year in case I forget.


Now, a new member of my talking machines has joined the household.  My benefits from my Health Insurance provided me with a talking scale since I could not read the digital scale anymore.  Not only does it give me the weight, when I step off the scale, it tells me “Goodbye.” What next ?

I'm behind on blog posts  right now and have a mental queue ready  to be dictated. But I am trying to learn a new way to do my blog post that will not be quite so conplicated.  It involves using the text reader in  Word and not depending so much on Narrator.   Of course it involves learning a new set of keyboard commands.  Also a different way of assembling the material as well. 


I'm at a very awkward stage where I'm continually messing up.  Hopefully, I will get it straightened out.  I wish that I had learned how to do all of this while I could still see, as it would have been so much easier.   

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