Eye candy while I'm gone

Just some close-ups and details of the anniversary quilt for you to peruse while we are on our anniversary cruise from Vienna to Amsterdam.
Here is the entire piece..  many of these hankies belonged to my late mother-in-law.. The base is a vintage table linen with crocheted edge.  The entire piece is about 34" square.
We had our first date on Halloween and flew to Hawaii 3 weeks later on Thanksgiving and got married.  It was definitely love at first sight.  We met at a bridge game and 40 years later he tells me almost daily that I'm still his favorite partner.  Here are close ups of different sections..
Here you can see the button trail upper right.

I'm really happy with the way the border turned out.

This brooch is one I have save for years and years and this was the perfect spot for it...

And as a recap my inspiration for this project was this counted cross stitch sampler I did when we got married in 1976.

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