Daffodil Daze

 My favorite flower without a doubt is the daffodil.  When I moved to the farm in 1980 there was a huge clump of daffodils behind the house that was so overgrown that there were mostly green leaves and few daffodils.  I divided them, added to them and moved them everywhere.  By the time I left 40 years later I could go out in the spring and pick huge bouquets of them for weeks.   In fact, the area behind the pond I called "Daffodil Hill."  I brought bags of bulbs with me to this house and wish I had brought more. 

I loved having luncheons and teas for my lady friends and had several with a daffodil theme over the years.  The most elaborate was in 2004 and here is the menu.  I wish I could still cook like that.  Yesterday it was all I could do to make a batch of cookies and cook dinner... even then I burned one pan of the cookies.


My memories every April

 For many years I have done "happy memories" whenever I'm stuck in a waiting room, awake in the night, convalescing in the hospital, biding time at a medical office etc...   It;s my form of meditation.  I close my eyes, slow my breathing, relax, and focus on one happy memory. 

 I try to put myself right into that memory, smell the air, feel the weather, listen to the sounds etc.  Different months and activities trigger different pleasant memories, but April always triggers one of my favorite memories... lambing.

 I imagine my ewes all swollen and   uncomfortable no matter what they did.  I try to actually feel my hands buried in their fleece and massage their backs and rub their tummies. They would lie down and then stand up over and over.  Then one morning I would walk to the barn and as usual, smell the alfalfa, hear the ewes shuffling, and then a  mewing sound of a newborn lamb was music to  my ears.  What a thrill that was.  It has been years and years since I had sheep but I will carry those precious moments to my very last days....


"foot" dog

We have had Moxie for 3 months now and she is still settling in and still very much "my" dog.  She spent the first few days under my bed and that is still her safety retreat.  Not only does she sleep under the bed, she sleeps under "my" side of the of the bed and when my foot hits the floor in the morning she is on full alert.  Whenever I sit down anywhere, she has her head on one or both feet so if I move, she is moving also.

It doesn't matter whether I have shoes, slippers or no footwear at all.

And if she can manage it she gets her head between both feet

She was so obese when we got her but has lost 4 1/2 lbs. and has 3 pounds to go.  I faithfully walk her 1 1/2- 2 miles a day which has been good for both of us.  She loves her walk and does well on the leash now and has learned to sit and rollover.  She was such a poor soul when we got her but every day now a happy personality is emerging.  She is my "furry" antidepressant and one heck of a foot warmer....


Don't look too close!

 Years and years ago I covered a old bowling ball with little mirrored tiles and I was amazed how long it lasted in the garden at the farm.  By the time we moved here though it was missing a good many tiles.  Doing this was a project I could handle and being in the garden wouldn't get closely scrutinized.    T loved the patterns on the ball on the left and wanted to try something similar.  How hard could that be????  Bowling balls are plentiful at thrift stores and Amazon sells the little mirror tiles.

The first major challenge was that even though I could see and feel the tiles, I couldn't see which side was up unless I wiggled it under the light and saw the flash. My grand plan was to make designs with the little tiles but that lasted about two minutes and then it was every tile for itself.  Then I ran out of the little tiles and had to finish the bottom with larger circles.  But since it won't get close scrutiny and you cant' see the bottom unless you're laying it the grass... it can be counted and a success.  In fact I may try to salvage the old one with the circle tiles I have left.


UFOs up for adoption

 I have quite a few project that were in various stages of completion when I lost my vision and as I get them photographed, I would love to find stitchers interested in finishing them.  I will post then in the next couple weeks (or so) This is a small one but some are very large.

This was a round robin but a traditional 12" block... The theme was "spiders".  I liked   the block when it came home but always felt it could be extra special with some fine tuning, so it has been languishing in my UFO basket for years.  This should be a relative quick and fun project...   I will include some insect charms and some lace bits.

I love the somber colors Maybe more olive-green lace added more spider webs.  There are many cool spiders there already.  I can see this framed out with spiders on the border... more gold also.  I have to pin this to a board and think about it.  Just leave a comment as to why you'd like this block and I will let my husband choose
******Thanks everyone I have enough for FH to make a choice and send this block to a new home....

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