Bluebirds of happiness in my bathroom.

When I bought the new house the main bathroom was grey, grey, and more grey...  Actually the when I removed the grey shower curtain, the grey mirror and covered the grey floor with a blue rug, the countertop has a real blueish undertone and I set about adding as much
blue as I could.

Also the white cabinet over the toilet didn't match the wood-toned vanity... So I had to paint the cabinet to match the vanity or the vanity to match the cabinet.  I chose to do the latter.  And awoke one night knowing how I wanted to do it.  I charged in after DH dropped me off and had the doors off both cabinet and vanity before he could get to the end of the block.  This was NOT in my schedule at all but this girl just has to do what she has to do...

Since I wanted to add more blue, what is more blue than a bluebird? First I painted a bluebird on the wall cabinet after I put an antique glaze on the cabinet.  I took artistic license here because bluebirds do not make an open nest like this .  But it works for me here.

Then I painted the wood vanity antique white to match the wall cabinet and  more bluebirds.  By painting bluebirds on both the vanity and the cabinet they became a matched set, added more blue to the bathroom and made me very happy even though it took me three days to do it.  And I'm still looking for a window to add.

and after


Folding door to bonus room is done!!!!

Spent most of the week at the new house and have all the things done that I wanted to do before hand... Lots of other projects in the works but will be doable after we move.  This week I am trying to catch up at the farm, pack up more things and get a mover lined up as well as someone to do an estate sale after the move. I just can't move fast enough now.....

I did finish the door today and now just need to find a handyman to install it for me.. I did indeed get a barn, sheep, path, and a pond with loons rather than ducks...  I didn't get anything in the upper sections but I am out of time.

Totally unplanned I spent 3 days totally transforming the bathroom cabinets but haven't taken pictures yet... plus I added about 20 extra shelves to existing closets, pantries,  and cabinets...


new home for old treasure

The other day as I was leaving for the new house I scooped up the topiary and brought it along.  When I got there I plopped it down by the entry table and decided that was as good a place for it as any.  In fact it looked very good there..

I turned to DH and asked him if the topiary didn't look even better there than where it was before. After a long pause  his reply: "What's a topiary?"  After I explained, there was another long pause and he asked: "Where was it before?  Then I explained that it has sat by the south window in the living room for 30 years... After another long pause he enthusiastically responded that the topiary definitely looked better here than where it was before.................. If nothing else my husband is a diplomat.

A new home for one of my treasures...

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