Surgery postponed until Monday.....


Recognize this pillow?

Some hospitals give them to patients who are scheduled for open heart surgery and yes that is indeed my very own therapy  pillow... I go in Friday morning at 6am.

All summer I was so tired and was out of breath going even to the barn and back.  I kept thinking how had I let myself get so out of shape.  I was due for my physical in early October and planned to bring the issue up with my doctor.  I fully expected her to urge me to get an exercise bike or take aerobic classes at the YWCA. 

Instead she set up an appointment with a cardiologist.  First there was a C-scan and then a angiogram performed.  I fully expected to wake from the angiogram with a couple stents and be good to go.  Instead I was referred to a heart surgeon who informed me that I had a major blockage in EVERY artery and a malfunctioning aortic valve so I am having a quad with a new valve...  Sounds like something you would do to a car.  I hadn't had any of the typical symptoms which I now know is quite common for women.

So I have been busy getting the house and everything in order and am as ready as I will ever be.  DH will be my 24 hour caregiver when I get home and insists he is up to the task.. The surgery is scheduled to take 5-7 hours and I have been repeatedly warned how much pain I will have... Hopefully I will not be gone long from the blog also hoping you all keep me in your thoughts Friday morning.

Now the pillow... my first impulse was to take it apart and get out beads, metallic threads and sequins but reality set it so  I only took  it apart, restuffed it properly and added just lace and trim.  I could hardly show up Friday morning with an "unembellished" therapy pillow...

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