Back again

 There is an old adage  that when one door closes, another door opens.  This has happened so many times in my lifetime.  When I graduated from college with a teaching degree, I envisioned my  entire life as  a teacher. But  instead I have gone through many doors that led to  being  a graphic artist, nursery owner, public speaker, and a planter of a forest of over 5000 trees.  Who would have dreamt?

Losing my  sight has permanently closed one door after another and has turned my life upside down.  The tricky part has been learning to stop pounding on  the closed doors.  Having a needle in hand has been the constant joy all my life, and I thought I would  never stop grieving over losing it .   But  there has been a recent change here which I will blog about later.

Other passions such as cooking and gardening are still doable but  are greatly modified.   I have found I also  dearly miss writing my blog.  I loved the connection with all who read  the ups and downs in my world.   So I am still pounding on that door.  I really think if I can master the right technologies  and  with a little editing help from friends, I could do it.   

I struggled for months with the  text reader (Narrator) on my  computer, and although I haven't mastered it I am using it all the time.  Now I am trying to get a dictation feature working with my word program and hoping to get everything in sync. In closing this first blog in over a year, I must add that some interesting new doors have opened  and I hope to share those. 

Notre:  I'm ab;e to post because of the wonderful; support and encouragement from the Lilac Ciry Services for the Blind.

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