Was woman-dog once called girl-dog?

Someone wanted to know if I had contacted the animal shelter or humane society about my neighbor.  In our state these agencies do not have the jurisdiction to investigate, take action, or prosecute  anyone for animal abuse.  It is a criminal offense and if you call the animal shelter or humane society they will only tell you to call the police.   I know because over the years I have had to call the police about our neighbor.  The  sheriff's office does come out and either threatens or imposes a fine and have taken some animals away.  But they really never do anything about the basic problem because before long he again has more animals.

It should be a criminal matter because anyone who abuses or neglects animals is mentally ill and there is only a thin line before it is abuse against humans. This is always at the back of my mind so we tread carefully.  So for as long as she shows up in the morning we will make sure she has a good meal and a lot of loving...plus now I always check her ears for ticks.  I have no idea where she is the rest of the day but rest assured we will continue to watch over her the best we can.

 In a film we recently saw there  was a wonderful dog named "Woman" I wondered if as a pup she was called "girldog."  The film Woman at War is  an Icelandic production about a passionate environmental activist who wages a one-woman-war on nuclear power in Iceland. The plot, the music  and the cinematography were all superb and the final scenes spoke volumes about global warming.  I highly recommend it. 


Thank you Susie Wolfe.....

You might remember a while ago I posted this balcony array of succulents and made a not-too-subtle hint that I would love some succulents cuttings from my friend Susie Wolfe who has a fantastic succulent collection on her patio.

So it wasn't long before a large box arrived and was jammed with a wide variety of cuttings.  Friend Kathy came and helped me sort them, mix soil, and get them planted.  I watched numerous how-to videos on YouTube and now I just have to wait and hope they all root.  These are just part of them.  As they root I will move them into larger pots...and of course that means extra trips to the thrift stores for pots.  It will be so much fun and hope every single one roots.

Girldog was waiting on the porch when I got up this morning.  I am still in my night shirt and no glasses but we are having a bit of a ear rub and chat.  Actually she comes looking for DH who hasn't taken Morris for his morning walk for a couple days as DH has been sick.  The minute she heard DH's voice her huge tail starting wagging full speed.


Yep...... only me!!!

My friend told me that I was  the only person that would come up with this idea and the only person who would carry it out.... And she is probably right and she was  really thinking stupid enough.  Years ago I discovered that used carpet headed for the landfill made a great weed barrier and often used it in spots that weren't going to be planted anyway.. drives and paths.  It takes years and years for it to disintegrate and saves me from having to spray weed killer.  Plus it breathes and lets moisture through and recycles something... So over the years I had acquired an  excess of carpet rolls in the barn...

I sold the tractor which I used to groom the forest trail  (which is a mile long) and now I had to come up with an alternative for two sections of the trail that were particularly weedy... so last week I started cutting all the carpet into strips approx. 2 x 15 feet... It took a while working out the best tools and the best position to do it..  It turned out a utility knife and crawling on my hands and knees.  

Of course anytime I am on my hands and knees Morris thinks it's a game... Just try to cut carpet strips with a silly dog trying to lick your face and continually  rolling over to have his tummy rubbed.

I have about 40 strips cut and am now dragging them one by one about 1/2 mile into the forest. It has taken me almost 2 weeks and  I should be out of carpet in two more days,  95% of the trail requires miminal care and is through the pines... and looks like this.  This is along our eastern boundary and this is the view as I walk...;=

And this is the biggest weedy area and it is at the very back of the forest.  I'm not even sure what the weed is but I think it is bugloss.  I will have to look it up for sure.  It gets a gorgeous blue flower and a nasty burr that cling to dog and human alike.  It would take gallons of weed killer to eradicate it and I don't even want to do that.  Bees, spiders, and butterflies love it and I just want to walk through it..  Problem solved by crazy old lady and discarded carpet.
 Note: I always lay the carpet with the backing side up...


Will "Wet & Wild" reverse the trend???

My fashion favorites tend to run in cycles.  Years ago I went through a maxi dress phase and another was denim jumpers.  For years I was crazy about hats, especially straw hats. and wore them all the time.  It was my opinion that no matter what you were wearing, if you added a hat people thought you were "dressed up."  Then it was blazers and jackets and that was my first stop in thrift stores.  Again you could be wearing sweat pants but if you added a nice blazer people would think you were "dressed up." I accumulated a large selection of lovely jackets which I hardly wear any more.

Then I found myself unconsciously heading right for the cardigan section of thrift stores.  For years my only cardigans were an old blue and old red one I wore around the house in the winter and now quite unwittingly I was acquiring  a section in my closet devoted to cardigans... what was happening??

In my life only really old ladies wore cardigans,  I had three grandmas and they all wore cardigans over housedresses made of little prints.  In fact all the old ladies in my youth wore the same thing....it was almost the official uniform for proper little old ladies such as Miss Marple.  So now I find myself with a collection of cardigans which is growing.  There was one more thing old ladies of my youth all wore... heavy support hose rolled at the knees. And now I am having trouble with my left ankle swelling I too am wearing a support hose.... a pattern is beginning to form.

And it gets worse... both my grandma Craig and DH's grandma Koverik cut out sections of their shoes to ease the pain of bunions.  And I look down and sure enough I have cut a hole in my "at home" footwear to ease the pain of my bunion,  In fact on my right foot I have cut out section for a sore toe.

So it looks official that without knowing it I have fitted myself out as an old lady... Yesterday we were at Walmart and I bought a tube of "Wet & Wild" lipstick hoping to reverse the trend,


He who throws the first stone!

When we moved into this house 39 years ago there was a room that would be for DH to use.  The only problem is he never uses it.  He said he had always wanted an antique roll top desk which we couldn't afford....but we did get a nice reproduction.  The office swivel chair though is a genuine antique.

But the top of the desk and the chair have neither seen the light of day for about 35 years and he is the one who complains about all my stuff. My husband has
"piles" everywhere in the house. At least my stuff has some value...right?  So I had to chuckle at some of the emails and comments I got from other folks trying to downsize... especially the note from Marilyn today about her husband having a hard time letting go of his things.

I would hyperventilate every time I would think of packing and moving but I realized that I can hire someone to do it and what is left I can have an estate dealer come in and organize a sale and do it all. My plan is for the proceeds of that sale will help defray the cost of movers.  The house will go "as is" because anyone who has ever watched a fixer upper on TV knows that a house that is 113 years old is guaranteed to have lots of issues.  I want to spend at least one more summer here and am taking my time searching for options and realtors and etc.. I like to have a plan. A friend is coming Sunday to drive me around to look at various 55+ mobile home communities,  I want somewhere close to doctors, hospitals, dentist, senior and bridge centers,  DH would like an upscale condo near a bakery, winery and a Starbucks..

The daffodils are blooming and I can't bear to be indoors if it isn't raining.  Dear Susie Wolfe  is sending me starts from her fabulous succulent collection as a start of a different kind of gardening that I can take with me.  I can hardly wait until they get here.

Janet asked if it would be possible for us to take girldog with us when we move....but alas she is a St Bernard and we will be lucky to find a place that will allow a small dog,,,, BUT we do have someone that is willing, in fact anxious, to take her if we need to find a home for her.
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