Paper Cutouts and Talented Husband

I have been playing around with elements and placement on the cottage piece.  I can put it on the screen in photoshop and scribble and erase.  But even better I like to play around with paper cutouts.  I've shown this before but it's a technique worth sharing again.

  And my HCWH (handsome,charming, witty husband)  is so talented he can fall sound asleep sitting up holding a cup of coffee and never spill a drop.  He can even do it with a glass of wine.
And my lovely daughter-in-law was here for a nice visit the week before last and we had the best time.   We walked in the forest a lot, hit the thrift stores, and played a lot of scrabble.


The sheep book is done and I couldn't be happier.

The sheep book is done and I couldn't be happier.  Along with the Morris book, it will be always bring the most pleasant memories.  Binding the covers with lamb's wool was a last minute decision and when I went to buy it I found the heart-shaped wooden buttons.  Just perfect!!  I added an extra piece inside the front cover telling the history of this interesting heritage breed of sheep..  As you look at the pages the lamb's wool is visible and frames the pages....  Done! Done! Done!

As an extra little tip.  When sewing through so much bulk and so many layers, it is difficult to keep it all lined up.  So I first basted the pages together in twos and then basted them all together.  Once the book was all assembled, I removed the basting and the pages were nicely aligned.

Doing this book was a nice break from CQJP and I'm anxious to get back to it with new enthusiasm.  But along with CQJP I  am also going to finish one more thing before I take on a new project (the purse).  I got as far as the tree in the foreground before I put this cottage piece aside.  I wasn't happy with it and wanted to think the whole thing through more thoroughly...  I did and am ready to move on.  The tree is coming out today... the new tree will be larger and more to the foreground..
And the potting bench is history..


Another farm landmark going going gone...

Many years ago I built this garden work bench near the main flower bed and close to my veggie garden.  I love having a spot to pot, unpot, sort bulbs, and trim plants etc. plus it was a handy spot to have all my tools, stakes, etc.  As with everything I built it from used material and have had many a year of use from it.  But alas the last couple years it is seriously decomposing.... I have added supports and braces each year but it is time to say goodbye to it. 

What clinched it is that with the leaning the leaded window has started to warp and unless I rescue it, it will shattered from the stress.   I am terribly sentimental about my old bit and pieces and to me this window was a treasure when I found it and still is...  so I will have to find another spot I can enjoy it for the rest of my years.   Also I definitely need some kind of work area there to replace it.  I have two old picnic benches out behind the barn..  I'm thinking I may be able to upcycle
 those.  Also there is part of an old bed if I remember right...and a big iron angel that never fits anywhere.  I'm sure I'll find something to inspire me....

 The round thing on the bottom shelf is an old brass baptismal font.  I used it for water for the birds but it corroded in the bottom..  It too needs to find another use as I can't bear to discard it....


Lost Buttons Found in the Elusive Safe Place!

I found a whole bag of buttons which I had taken to the retreats in Salt Lake and Omaha.  When I got home I put them in a safe place.  It only took me about 3 years to find them again...  I posted some of them on my etsy today...  Also I have a special price on some lady bugs and some bees...    https://www.etsy.com/shop/olderrose

I also have another safe place because I have not found the bag of painted buttons I took to Houston...


Sheep book about done!!

I'm slowly making headway on my lists of long neglected tasks... but still finding time to occasionally stitch and hope to finish the sheep book this weekend..

The front cover is done and I'm trying to figure out how to bind it with faux lamb's wool without it being too bulky...Think I got a plan now
Here is the back cover and it will have a lamb's wool edge also.
DH felt Pitiful Pearl needed here own page so it is below along with all the rest of the pages.  I backed them with felt and bound them with a lightweight suede.



The spider pattern and the eyes

 I am  always buying patterns that are close to what I want and then never use them..  But I saw this bag pattern in Houston and knew I would use it and it will be perfect for my spider bag..  I love the shape, all the pockets and the opportunities to use coordinating fabrics. It is called Quattro by Studio Kat Designs..

My lovely daughter-in-law is coming Wednesday for a visit... I thought she might like one and maybe this is a project we could do together...   The dyed laces from Nicki should be here in a day or two..

Next I started going through my picture file looking for cat's eyes.  I wanted them looking in various and found a bunch... My cats will all be black of course..

If you image google this pattern many, many versions of it are displayed... but this one was my favorite...  Isn't it fantastic..


Another Stitch and Travel bag you should see!

I can count on one hand (the hand that has only 4 fingers) the stitchers that I am truly in awe of and Lisa Boni is one of them.. Her attention to detail is unparalleled and there is a feeling of elegance and simplicity in everything she does...  You must go to  Lisa 's site and see how she has fitted out her travel bag...

It is obvious that she has given a lot of thought to what would meet her needs and fitted everything into her clever case.  AND every single thing in her case is coordinated... just amazing.   If you are thinking of putting together a travel bag, you must make a list of everything she included to use as a check list for yourself. 

What I thought was amazing was how she found her pattern and how  she could look at this pattern and think "travel bag."  But she did and adapted it  to her needs.  You can see it next to the child that it is fairly good sized. 

I can see how I might adapt this pattern a little differently so I will order it.  I often buy patterns "just in case" because they disappear quite quickly. Nothing is more frustrating than to think of a use a year later and the pattern is obsolete and unavailable... that's why I have a lot of unused patterns.


My most treasured buckle!!!

The most treasured purchase on my trip to a Colorado CQ retreat  in 2009 was a handcrafted, brass belt buckle which is almost 3" across. I spied it on a mannequin in front of a shop that sold used clothing. I snatched it up immediately for $10... I probably would have paid three times that much as it is a beauty... It is so beautiful that I keep it my jewelry box....and it's not for sale at any price...
Not that I've done anything with it but I DO HAVE A PLAN...
Below is part  of a RR block I did for Janet Popish with spider and "I spy" cats.  I think it would be a fabulous theme for a BoHo bag,  Maybe 3-5 hidden cats and dripping with Nicki's  lace flowers, sexy black lace, and spider webs with my fantastic brass spider buckle for the latch...  In fact I think I'll  run  by Nicki's today..  Whatta ya think???
Had laser surgery this morning  to clean up  the membrane covering an implant in my eye.  Now I have a storm of floaters and as I was cleaning cabinets in the kitchen, it looked as if I had fruit flies everywhere.  Kitchen got a good scrubbing.


Have I mentioned I love fancy buckles.......

Over the years I have acquired a large collection of cool belt buckles,  I love to use them on bags and totes and on handle and straps.  Every once in a while I drag them out and fondle them... I have used a lot of these and added more..  The one center right is on Susie W.'s boho bag.  I'm going to pull a bunch and list them on Etsy.  Of course they all came from thrift stores... 

Here's one on my bag.. 



I've put these on Etsy and will add some more this evening.  The problem I love them all.....

I've put these up last night...
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