All moved but not unpacked!!!

Well I'm all moved but definitely not unpacked. But I am getting there slowly but surely.    It seems like that's all I do. I shouldn't say that's all I do because some of the time I spend looking for things that haven't turned up yet. We are 99% moved.  I have a few more things to move from the garden.  But sooner or later it'll all get done and I will be glad.
I'm especially glad that we were able to get moved in before all this shutdown with the virus started. My  daughter-in-law Vivian otherwise known as "hurricane Vivian" came and helped me move. I couldn't have done it without her she was   so full of energy. I love every single thing about the new house. It is such a joy to wake up every morning and be here.
When my husband was reluctant to move I promised him that if we stayed here a year and he didn't like it we could move again. But honestly after going through the move I'm so glad that he does like it because I'm not ever moving again. He actually hasn't said that he loves it but he does say that he   "really likes" a lot of things--- he really likes how light it is.--- he really likes the kitchen.--- he really likes the neighborhood.--- he really likes the deck.  He "really likes" so many things I am assuming that all these "really likes" are adding up to the fact that he is happy here.
 But I just haven't had the time to think about taking pictures or doing the blog but now things are settling down a bit I should be able to get back into my routine, I miss doing something creative and am anxious to get to the point that I can have some projects going which shouldn't be too much longer now.
 I did get the door up  to the  bonus room (which I now call the "media room" since we plugged in the TV)  but  it is not framed in yet.  When it is open there was a blank panel showing and I did get an owl painted on it so I have been doing  at least a little something creative.
 The weather is getting nicer and I have this lovely little jewel of a garden.  Right now it's like a blank canvas and I have been moving plants from the farm.   
I want to take pictures of the lovely job the estate/liquidation sale lady is doing. The sale is on hold now.  The sale of the farm in postponed due to the virus so we're kind of caught in the middle of all this but it too shall pass. It's good to be back and thanks for all the good wishes that you have sent me.
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