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 Over Thanksgiving we drove to Redmond WA to spend time with family at the home of our newly married granddaughter Sydney.  She was married in September and her new husband is definitely a keeper.  Not only is he tall, handsome, witty, charming. intelligent, polite....he loves to cook.

Not only did he make all the stuff in the picture, but he also did a ham and a turkey plus a delicious butternut squash soup to start the meal
 Absolutely everything was perfectly cooked and it was delicious.

This post was delayed because I was having so many problems with photos.  I think I finally have the peoblem solved


 Well, I have my spring necklace strung.  ..again.  It is ready for my friend to stop by and finish the strands with wire guards and add a clasp.  I actually strung it twice, After I finished it the first time, I felt it needed spacer beads, but I was nervous about doing them.  as the holes were small. 

But I pulled all the beads that I had strung and then found if I held the spacer bead in position with two fingers, I didn't even try to see the hole.  I just aimed the wire toward the space between my fingers and with a few tries I was able to hit the hole.

The holes are big enough on the glass beads that all I have to fo is aim the wire at the bead and it finds the hole.  I can do it with my eyes closed.   After this I have several pieces that need a little repair and I want to replace some earrings I lost.    I have several pieces in various state of completion. I will tackle those chores before I tray another necklace.  But this will be ready for spring, and I am thinking a nice yellow linen top would be perfect and maybe a lunch out with the friend who helped me.


with a little help from a friend

 With limited vision I am constantly searching for activities to pass the time.  Especially the evenings as I can always clean house during the day.  Well, I suppose I could clean house in the evening as well but who needs a house that clean. 

 Earlier this fall I came across this color palette and it just shouted spring to me, so I am going to try to make a necklace.   It has been almost two years since I made a piece of jewelry. I have a large assortment of mismatched glass beads and I sorted out this lot.  Plus, I had some turquoise birds and stars, so I tossed them in as well.  I want something colorful and whimsical to wear when the daffodils bloom.

The beads have big holes and using beading wire means no worry about tedious needles.  A dear friend who does a lot of jewelry has offered to do the finishing parts that I couldn't handle.   Without her help O would not even attempt this.  Friends are the greatest. So, like dear Bennie I am once again charging ahead.  I've decided just sorting beads anytime will be a pleasant and relaxing activity. Much better than cleaning house.  The one positive aspect of low vision is you don't see the dust.

ps..my computer guy finally came and fixed the browser issue I was having with blogger.  Hooray

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