The ""cute" thing

 As you "get on in years" your body endures all kinds of changes.  As you age you think you have heard of them all... Your nose and ears get longer. your hearing and eyesight diminish, your joints ache your bladder leaks, etc.    I thought I knew what to expect but am occasionally surprised.  Last year my lower front teeth were overlapping, and the dentist informed me that as we age our lower jaw narrows and our teeth shift.  The jaw changes shape faster than the rest of your face. Now that was out of the blue.

Now there's the "cute" thing.  In the last year people have occasionally told me that I was sooo cute.  Monday two nurses were gowning me up for a test and one said, "We think you are so cute!!!"   I think maybe it is because I have gotten so short and squint all the time.  It looked like I'm smiling even when I'm not.  Anyway, I don't really mind the cute part, but they always say it in the same tone of voice and inflection that one would use talking to a small puppy.  I fully expect one of them to reach out and pat me on the head and then I suppose I will be expected to wag my tail.


S Barton said...

Gerry, you look beautiful in the picture and Moxie is adorable. What would we do without our pups, mine follows my every move and we go many adventures. Your new grandson is definately a keeper, that spread looks delicious and can't believe he cooked everything for the dinner. One lucky granddaughter!
Happy and Healthy New Year to you!

Momma Bear said...

I think you are lovely. The nurses, I am sure are commenting more on your manner and looks together. Don't think too badly of them.
They do generally work with people who need to be explicitly guided, any one who asks questions, knows what to do or is even remotely "self guided" is a welcome change. Before the plague my husband and I would o together for his monthly infusions, the nurses would fuss over us and call us cute too in that voice that says "good dog/child". It seems to be universal "Nurse" short hand for your a good patient and no trouble at all.

Margaret said...

Ah, Gerry! I'm learning from you. I turned 69 in the fall, so I'm still strong enough, feisty enough and grumpy enough to bristle visibly if anyone calls me "cute" -- plus I'm an ex-nurse and double dare any nurse -- or anybody to refer to me as cute! All that said, I'm fully aware that I'm well into the last 30% of my life (more or less)...And my cat will vouch for me whenever and wherever needed...! Keep on keepin' on!

gocrazywithme said...

I think you're cute too, and I thought so before those nurses!

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