UFOs up for adoption

 I have quite a few project that were in various stages of completion when I lost my vision and as I get them photographed, I would love to find stitchers interested in finishing them.  I will post then in the next couple weeks (or so) This is a small one but some are very large.

This was a round robin but a traditional 12" block... The theme was "spiders".  I liked   the block when it came home but always felt it could be extra special with some fine tuning, so it has been languishing in my UFO basket for years.  This should be a relative quick and fun project...   I will include some insect charms and some lace bits.

I love the somber colors Maybe more olive-green lace added more spider webs.  There are many cool spiders there already.  I can see this framed out with spiders on the border... more gold also.  I have to pin this to a board and think about it.  Just leave a comment as to why you'd like this block and I will let my husband choose
******Thanks everyone I have enough for FH to make a choice and send this block to a new home....

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