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  I live on the "dry side" of Washington State with mountains to the north and wheat fields to the south. If I'm not wearing an apron and cooking, I'm wearing my chatelaine and stitching. I especially love creating art that is functional, dimensional and tactile. I have a huge barn filled with endless bins and boxes of interesting bits and pieces for more projects than I have time left. I live on a farm with one husband, numerous Tunis sheep, three chickens, two corgis and a large garden planted for wildlife

I started crazy quilting about 16 years ago and it was entirely different from anything I do now...  I used a foundation fabric and applied vintage cutter linens and embellishments.. I had just gotten a new sewing machine which did lettering so I had sayings all over this vest for my husband..  It was one of my very first pieces.. We used to have booths at flower shows and this was his "uniform."  There was very little in the way of seam treatments as all the edges were the linens themselves.. and all the embroidery work was what was already on the linens.  I still have a large supply of these linens and would like to do another project using them.  I especially like the saying "I'm a fungi."

This block pretty much defines the encrusted look I love to do..... pieces that the longer you look at them the more you see... And I  like to tell a story with my blocks even though I may the only person who hears it...  I also have a real soft spot for the whimsical and it often shows up in my work.

Even though the traditional lace and embroidery work such as my piece on the left is my comfort zone, I continually try to stretch the limits of what I can do with a needle.... such as on the right.
This quest for challenges is why I love to join round robins.  I'm asked to do things and use colors that I would have never done on my own... Over the years I've been in Crazy Quilt International, I figure I have worked on well over 100 blocks which are now around the world.  Here are just a sampling. 

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