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DH will be out of town this weekend and I'm looking forward to some catch-up time and some house cleaning... As I'm finishing the CQJP blocks I am definitely tired of pastels... Whatever I do for 2014 will have to allow for some color variety..  After 3 years of the dark suffrage colors, a year of Morris black and white, and then a whole year of pastels I'm hungry for a real blast of color.

My granddaughter Madison took this picture in Morocco a while back and I absolutely fell in love with it.

I actually pieced a block to use with it... I tried Martha Greene's crumb method of piecing but wasn't happy with it at all and it went into the UFO basket... Maybe this spring I'll try another block.  What makes this photo great is all the repetitions of squares and rectangles and then that spot of blue... Something to think about and look forward to.  I have wanted to do this for her ever since she took the picture.


margaret said...

oh yes the photo is full of inspiration and the colours are wonderful will be watching and waiting to see what you produce. no pressure!

Marilyn said...

What scrumptious colours. Orange used to be one of those colours I didn't like at all. Then I tried putting small amounts of it with blue just as an accent and now its one of my favourite colours. And of course I love bright colours so I love the photo. Need some of that around here. We have had over 3 feet of snow in the last month and it just seems to keep on coming.

Suztats said...

That photo is so rich with texture, as well as wonderful colour! It'll be a fun piece to make.

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