Fancy fans

Here are the last four fans.  I had problems with both paddle fans keeping their shape but I can adjust that when I attach them to the quilt.

And here are all twelve together

And here's the list of tips:
1.  Use a double thread as it attaches the beads more securely.
2. After you attach a row of seed beads  run your thread back and forth through it a couple times to aline the beads.
3. When adding a row of irregular beads such as flowers, sequins, spacers etc., start in the center and work to either side. (See example on left)  That way if it doesn't quite come out even you have the same odd space on each end to fiddle with.
4. Insert you initial knot about 1/2" toward the center and weave your thread to the edge.  It is easy to snip a knot near the edge when cutting you fan out.
5. Every few beads secure on the back side with a knot. The more often you knot, the more even and secure your bead design will be...
6. Size 15 beads are the best for filling in difficult areas.

Morris really prefers 5 pillows and one blanket.  Friday will be moving day for my mother... from the nursing facility back to assisted living.  I'm holding my breath that she can handle it... I will probably spend the nights with her  to help with the transition.  Lots of stitching time.


Marilyn said...

All the fans are so pretty. They will certainly set off the suffrage blocks. Morris looks so comfy - reminds me of Chevy although he usually just has his head on the 2 pillows. And what's a guy to do but nap when its cold and snowy outside. Chevy can't even see over our snow piles and he's a lot taller than Morris. Morris would be overwhelmed.

margaret said...

your fans are truly a work of art, your blocks will look amazing. All the best for Mum`s return home, I do hope it works out for her and she settles in and can ,manage, there is no place like home

Suztats said...

Gorgeous fans! Looking forward to seeing these on your blocks. Hope all goes well with your mother and her move.

M. Hair said...

Love your fans. I went through my charms, misc. jewelry, etc. and came up with 15 possible options. Looks like I will be busy for awhile. Like you mentioned I like the fact that I can use up those odd beads I have in my (will never use up in my lifetime) bead collection. Love love your work. Wish I lived closer so I could take your classes.

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