Beaded Fans

Four are  done enough to stop until I am ready to apply them.  At that time I will again secure all the bead around the edge and cut away the felt.  Little bumps etc. can be corrected during application and I usually add some more decorative beads across the top.  I will also add dangles to the handles at that time.

These are fun because I can use odd beads and pieces.. The amber beads across lower left fan were too irregular to use on a seam but work nicely here.

1.  Use a double thread as it attaches the beads more securely.
2. After you attach a row of seed beads  run your thread back and forth through it a couple times to aline the beads.
3. When adding a row of irregular beads such as flowers, sequins, spacers etc., start in the center and work to either side. (See example on left)  That way if it doesn't quite come out even you have the same odd space on each end to fiddle with.
4. Insert you initial knot about 1/2" toward the center and weave your thread to the edge.  It is easy to snip a knot near the edge when cutting you fan out.
5. Every few beads secure on the back side with a knot. The more often you knot, the more even and secure your bead design will be...

I have another set of bases glued and ready to go.  I will make 12 in all but probably not use them all on this project.  But I like to have enough to have a choice.


Marilyn said...

They look great. I think the amber one is my favourite now that they are done. Its always nice to do a few extra when you're on a roll. I'm just putting the binding on my Hobbit quilt and then I'm going to try to rest my eyes for a few days and see if I can get back to stitching and finish off the cq music tote bag for my friend. That will get rid of all projects for someone else and I won't be under any pressure to do anything but my stuff.

margaret said...

these are wonderful, can`t wait to see them on your bocks

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