What next in buttons?????

 These are the buttons that went on Etsy yesterday and I have made a lot of progress since I started trying to get buttons back on track.  I had little trays of buttons all over in various stages of completion and I am just about done with these.  Some were unfinished, others needed fixing somehow, some needed to be just sealed, scanned or posted on Etsy. By the end of the week all that needed to be done should be up.  It has been a big job and glad it is done. 

  In fact I'm at a point that I'm actually looking for ideas to paint that I haven't done before.  I have started some loons as well as both sunflowers and poppies (neither of which I have ever done)  A good many of my ideas come from requests or special orders.  If you have an idea I might be able to paint ...let me know and it might get you a button if I paint it.
If it looks like I'm doing a happy dance I am... At this moment in time I AM LOOKING FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THAT IS LOST.  It feels so good as I can't remember when I haven't been looking for something or multiply somethings.  Now that I can ease back on the buttons I went looking for the spider bag parts and much to my surprise found them quickly so that project is back in the frame of things.
As I have often mentioned I have family in Alaska and some in Anchorage.  Everyone is OK after the big quake  and my granddaughter Leigha, who was just here in Sept for a visit, is right out there volunteering wherever she is needed.  She has a heart bigger than the whole state of Alaska... love her dearly.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

So glad that your family is okay - pretty scary by the sounds of things. And glad that you're able to do a happy dance because you're not turning the house upside down searching for something. My sewing room is rapidly reaching the point where I set things down and they promptly disappear into the abyss. Wrapping paper, cutting tools - packages and bows - yikes!

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