Old dog with her new trick

I'm still hanging in there with my "no cut  the hair" vow and looking pretty shaggy at this stage... but my lovely DIL was here a few days before Thanksgiving and bought me some hair curlers at the dollar store.  I have never owned a hair curler or used one and she gave me instructions.  It turned out great when she was here but the next time when I did it myself it was pretty wonky.  Tried again yesterday and it wasn't quite as awkward...  Had to send her pics this morning.

She sent back more instructions. "When you're putting in the ones on the side, make sure that they’re going towards the nape and not down and perhaps more curlers on the top. Pull the hair forward as you curl it around the curler and then back."  DH is fairly silent on the subject now as my response to any comment is "You  married me with long hair and you will bury me with long hair."

I missed Thanksgiving altogether.   After the 3 1/2 drive from Redmond to Olympia in horrendous traffic, I no sooner got to my niece's house on Thurs and I had a massive headache and nausea.  I missed the entire party and spent the whole day in her bed.  In the evening they laid me out on the back seat and drove the 2 hours back to Redmond and got me into the hotel.  In the morning it was in the backseat again and the long drive to Spokane and then I was in bed for 2 days.  Have no idea what it was and it left me wobbly for several days... On the mend now.  I had really wanted to try the Sour Cream Lemon pie...will have to bake another.  Not my week altogether...still finding spots of cocoa I missed in the clean up.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I remember using rollers back in the day - metal ones with bristly brushes inside. And I learned to sleep on what can only be called instruments of torture. To say nothing about all the hair that got yanked out when it got tangled in the stupid things! All that in a vain effort to control my 'filled with body' hair and force it to do what it wouldn't. No more! Now it's stuff my head under the tap in the morning, towel dry, comb and fluff and I'm good to go. So sorry you were feeling wonky over the holiday - definitely poor timing (not that ANY time is good to feel awful!).

crafty cat corner said...

Can't tell you how much I love your blog, I've been reading it for possibly several years and thank you for the many tips ect. Love it.
Keep going with the hair, I had really short hair for many years and decided to grow it about 3 years ago, the messy stage takes a bit of sticking but mine is now really long and I love it, I'm 72 by the way.

Momma Bear said...

Oh Gerry I'm so sorry You had to miss T-day! The feeling bad for days thing to, I'm sure was not pleasant either, I hope your recovered now.
My grandmother used to love playing with my hair when I would come visit. I remember spending hours, listening to the roar of the "portable" dryer with rollers in my hair.
I never had much patience for my hair, though I get a the "wind up" and fiddle every now and again.
Your hair looks great to me!

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