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When is the last time you wore a brooch?  Can you even remember women used to wear a brooch on their blouse or on the lapel of their jacket?  Who has a lapel anyway?  Ten years ago I would see all these discarded vintage brooches and had to collect them, of course.  Eventually I had a drawer full of them and started trying ways to use them.  I put them on hair clips; I grouped them in necklaces; and I used them on needlework.  

The two black brooches on this necklace were very old. I combined them with two necklaces, and now it is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.  As I found pieces that might be compatible, I slipped them into a Ziplock bag and set them aside. 

Recently I ran across a bag that had three necklaces, none of which I would wear by themselves.  But they seemed to be so compatible, and it was about time that I did something with them.


The beads were large enough and had distinct shapes that I thought I would be able to string them using a beading wire.  I couldn't  finish the ends, but I had a friend I know would help me. So I spent a few days trying to figure out how I could do this, and I think I have the plan if it works. I have several other bags with groups of vintage jewelry that I would love to do something with.  Even if it doesn't work, it will be a pleasant few days just trying, and certainly beats vacuuming or cleaning baseboards. 

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Margaret said...

I love brooches and have several. I've one that I know came from my mother, and one that I'm pretty sure came from either her mother or her grandmother. These I wear often to close a cabled cardigan I knit for myself several years ago. The combos are favourites of mine.

I also have the brooch my late mother-in-law gave me before my wedding - a cameo that I wore on my wedding dress. Later she gave me a small rectangular brooch inlaid with tiny diamonds. I've not worn it much lately but used to wear it on my lapel -- yes! -- when I was in the business world and wore a suit every day. I have a tiny amethyst-and-seed-pearl brooch from my maternal grandmother that has a fixture to enable it to be used as a pendant.

And I've several other small lapel pins and brooches -- either inherited or bought as souvenirs. My daughter doesn't wear jewellry so they'll probably be auctioned off in a box lot after I'm gone. No matter, they comfort me now with their memories.

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