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 When I reached a point I couldn't see the computer screen, I was completely dependent upon text reader  and dictation features.  I stopped blogging altogether for about a year.  I really missed this outside connection to the world at large. 

When I started again I figured my reader level would be zero.  And maybe   without readers, the blog would be gone altogether.  But to my amazement it was not only there, but the daily visitor levels were in the thousands due to old posts linked to sites throughout the internet.   

It was really encouraging that I was still having readers even when I wasn't putting   new material up.  So at least the old material was still relevant to someone. Yesterday I received a comment on a blog that I did over 15 years ago.  It was like getting a virtual hug.  It made me so happy that I decided to blog again and made me even more resolved to keep tackling  obstacles that stand in my way. 

It is now really a new blog in a way that the old blog was about a strong woman tackling life head on.  The new blog is about a not-so-strong woman struggling to make her way with new and now harder challenges.

PS:  The blog post mentioned was on recycling bedside tables

I have one of these bedside tables I purchased for my husband 10 years ago. The top eventually popped off as the screws were short and into pressboard.
It's been sitting around waiting to be repaired or donated as is, as I replaced it with a better hospital bed side-table for hubby from a thrift store.
I've got the best idea for it's used now. Next to the sewing machine for an extra table for trimming or pressing I can lower or raise for sitting or standing.
Thanks for the idea you shared on craftystorage blogspot after I had watched a Martelli youtube of their Omni Stand height adjustable table as then I searched for recycling a hospital bed side table in sewing room.
Thanks for sharing. Ann


Momma Bear said...

You are still a strong Woman Gerry! Your obstacles just got overwhelming faster than expected. Those things take a little time to readjust to and our little monkey brains whinge and throw things until we do. You are doing great! You are still my hero showing me how to do it.

S Barton said...

Gerry I've gone back many times to read your old blogs on quilting or recipes. I make your pumpkin bread or lemon loaf often. I've even made scones. You still amaze me in everything you do, I still view as a strong women but with diminished vision. You're not one to sit around and do nothing, you are the "where there's a will there's a way."

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