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 On most days for breakfast we have  granola or sometimes oatmeal.  I know it's time for something special when DH laments. " I'm going to get to get my granola going."This translates to me that DH needs attention.

I have some standby breakfast menus on those days.  They include Belgian waffles with pecans,  avocado toast with prosciutto, a cheese omelet, and on a really special day, eggs Benedict.  Nothing too exciting if you've been doing the same things for years and years.   

Lately, I've been listening to an Australian cooking show on TV, and they had a breakfast competition.  I loved the ideas.  One was corn fritters with maple-glazed  bacon-and-eggs. Another was salmon and poached eggs with hollandaise sauce.  Another was lamb meatballs with scrambled eggs.  My favorite was chicken livers and mushrooms on toast.  And why do avocados always have to be on toast?  One of their dishes had avocados and red peppers sliced on top of scrambled eggs.  And sne shredded her potatoes and cooked them in a waffle iron.  

I haven't made crepes for ages and I meant to try Bobby Flay's lemon ricotta pancakes. I'm going to try them all this winter and look for even more unique  breakfast menus.

On days I've fixed a large breakfast, I don't have much interest in fixing a big dinner. We usually just have soup from the freezer.

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Momma Bear said...

I love breakfast food! over easy and poached are personal favorites, I let the DH make his own as I can't seem to bring myself to cook them the way he likes them,
1 egg omelet spread out in a large pan with cheese cooked to the consistency of shoe leather. Erm..It's egg abuse!

One of my children's favorite breakfasts is sausage and egg sandwich.
brown Italian sausage, we like hot, add to it diced onions crack eggs over it and scramble up. prepare a baguette, cut to sandwich size slice down middle,
leaving one end closed so it looks like an envelope,
adorn with cheese of your choice, slap the eggs in
and it can be eaten fairly cleanly, as you drive the kiddos to school, because you are running late again.

Our other favorite was Barbacoa, which is a basically the same prep as above but the meat is a mexican style pork or beef roast.
that is made in a slowcooker over night.
1 pork shoulder, 1 onion, 4 cloves garlic 4-7 peppercorns, 1 bunch cilantro stems 2 bay leaves, 6oz stock, cover and simmer all day and night on low.
next morning its so soft it falls apart and melts in your mouth! speaking of which I haven't made either on in a dogs age! must get on that.

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