Oh no! and another YES!

The weather held until I got the stained glass up.  It was NEVER part of the plan but it was unexpectedly given to me in a box of glass pieces and I was able to make it useable and it is gorgeous.  It is on the west side of the deck so gets the afternoon sun through  it,  

The deck continues to morph into a bigger and bigger project and  more expense. After I finish each addition I think it needs just one more thing...then one more thing and then even one more thing,  I can't just stop/  I loved the running trim but it needs more.  I bought the running trim from Wayfair and, even though it took ages to get here, it was affordable and had free shipping.  And now oh no! Now they have discontinued it and when I finally found another source...it was more expensive, I have to pay shipping and it won't be here until January 10...  This is definitely the last I swear. 

But on a positive note I had another unexpected surprise.  We moved in here in February and I wasn't ready to make a decision about the living room windows so I just put up the quilts that were on windows at the farm.  Several times as fall approached I searched the internet for something that would work.  I wanted something heavy to help hold the heat....velvet or quilted fabric.  But I have had such abysmal luck ordering anything fabric on line.  It was always the wrong color, the wrong scale or inferior fabric.  So I was skeptical when I ordered two of these quilted bedspreads from eBay.  But if the color was true they would be perfect.

So this huge box came last week and DH asked it I wanted to open it.  I said no I was afraid I would be disappointed.  So the big box sat in the living room for 4 days and each day he asked me if I was ready to open it.  Finally I relented and to my surprise the color was perfect, the fabric wonderful and they were the right size and weight. YES!!!


Penny Wessenauer (d0npen) said...

it's so nice when everything comes together! The stained glass looks awesome, and those new "drapes" will keep you two nice and cozy warm this winter!

S Barton said...

Oh the stained glass looks beautiful. I'm so glad the quilt curtains worked out because those colors are gorgeous! Keep posting your activities cuz I like hearing about it.

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