Color and "shtuff"

My dear late mother-in law had a slight German accent and stuff was "shtuff".  To  her soup was broth and she always admonished me for putting too much shtuff in my soups.  I love stuff... not just any stuff...my stuff...my memories and now at this time of my life I want it all around me.  I'm  took more stuff than the new house could hold and   I am gradually finding a spot for everything. It may very well end up looking like this room... 

I also find color energizing and uplifting which I must need more than soothing.  For years I had always bought all my tableware at thrift stores..... tablecloths, napkins, dishes, placemats, glassware etc. But I have never ever seen a nice set of flatware there.  I have two special sets of stainless flatware that I just use for special settings and wash them by hand.  

But  I 've had  them for years and years and haven't been able
 to justify another set until I saw this set.  It took me about two seconds to hit the "buy it now!" button. 
Of course we rarely entertain now but when this passes I will be ready. These are from Wayfair.  In the meantime I will use then for special dinners for just us two... like our 44th anniversary next week,

And to tell you that I am an optimist about this, I bought a beautiful suitcase   at the thrift store today.  They had a mountain of them with no one traveling.

And speaking of "shtuff" I made risotto for dinner today and I love to fill my risotto with lots of "shtuff".  Today I added diced squash, caramelized onions, minced baby kale and roasted red sweet peppers.  It was so good.


cq4lefleur said...

You are a maximalist

S Barton said...

I love that it only took you 2 seconds to hit the "buy me now" button! You should use all of the things that make you happy, whether it's looking at them or using them. Life is short and enjoy those beautiful things. I know you will enjoy that beautiful new red set.

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