Great and unusual side dish.....

 This is a picture similar to a dish I had in a health food deli last month  and fell in love with it.... pumpkin (or squash) ravioli with kale, blue cheese and walnuts  It was sold as a cold salad at the deli but I thought it tasted much better heated. I made it  yesterday without the mushrooms.  

I sautéed about a cup of each of onions and red bell peppers and 2 cups of chopped kale and then added a bit of capers and garlic.  Then I cooked the squash ravioli , drained it and added it and 1/2 cup each of chunks of blue cheese and chopped walnuts to the onion/pepper mix.  I served it with baked salmon.

It was delicious and would be lovely as a vegetarian main course.  I bought squash raviolis at both Trader Joes and Costco.  The ones from Costco were prettier but we thought the ones from Trader Joes tasted better.


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S Barton said...

That looks delicious and thanks for the recipe I'm going to try it. I like squash ravioli but rarely but it and wouldn't even attempt to make it myself. Other than boil them I never really knew else to do, so after a serving of them I was "done". I love everything you mixed with them and will try it. Thanks Gerry and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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