Carole Samples Dream-a-Seam Templates

I have received comments and emails asking "Where did you get the templates? Do you also have Carole Samples' book The Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches"

First of course I have this book... It is and always will be a classic "must have" for crazy quilters... Both the book and the templates are not found at your neighborhoods fabric store but they are still available through contacting Miss Carole herself... (who BTW has been using the word "retire" so I wouldn't procrastinate) and notice the words "dwindling inventory)

She sent me this message this morning:

"If the ladies who are interested will simply email me here at
I will email to them the Vendor-AD attachment with the color pixures & all of the specs. for the Templates (along with other print ADs for my eight Stitch Guides and for my dwindling inventory of remaining CQ books & patterns & notions). I prefer to do things this way because it gives me a chance to tell everyone how best to place an order with us. There are two little steps to take that are different for us living in the inner city Our full mailing addy and current pricing and posting rates are in the Vendor AD. It is truly safe to open as an attachment."
I have a "dream list" of legendary CQ artists that I would love to "sit and stitch" with and Carole is right up there.. I tried to arrange things to get to the Victorian Fancywork Retreat where she was teaching this fall but couldn't do it.
There's a comprehensive article about the templates by Sharon Boggon in CQMagonline Quoting Sharon: "For anyone who is stumped for fresh ideas when it comes to combining stitches on seam embellishments, Carole Samples set of 33 templates will provide enough inspiration to keep you busy for years! Just think of the math, in this there are 99 edges. Each edge can be duplicated, flipped and repeated in various ways. Each edge can also be combined with any other edge, which as a combination can be duplicated, flipped and repeated. More than two templates can be used together, which makes the number of available combinations endless."


Unknown said...

trying to order dream a seam and your email string doesnt work please give me some info, on ordering

joey said...

I also would like to order the dream a seam templates. Any updated info? Thanks in advance.

Unknown said...

I'm also interested in the templates, can you please tell me how I can get them? Thanks in advance. bobbieleew@gmail.com

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