AAQ Entry Progress

When I came home last night I either had to stitch or collapse so I put in a DVD movie and stitched until 1a.m. and got up and started again this morning.. All the animals are calling so must stop and feed everyone.
This is the same fabrics as my suffragette quilt and is a trial run for choosing threads...The theme is "Alliances: People, Patterns, Passion", celebrating cooperative relationships that work towards a common goal so it fits in with what I'm doing and I'm using images from the suffragette file. They are just PERFECT!!!!
All the laces and braids are on and some seams are embellished but I don't want to go any further until I do the images....which I will do this afternoon and show you a photoshop trick that help with edges on images....and a trick type on a curve....

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Anonymous said...

This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for signing on as a follower of my blog and....Merry Christmas!
Guess you figured out I also love crazy quilting! ;-)


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