What I used on cabinet

I was asked what I used on the CQ Cabinet. I did ALL the painting BEFORE I assembed the cabinet (much easier). First I used rustoleum gloss paint and put it on the cabinet pieces with a fine-finish roller ... a 6" dense foam that lays down a very smooth coat and is available at any hardware store. I did the gold line with an Elmer's paint pen and the corner deco with a stamp and gold stamp pad (Michaels craft store.)

Then using some old stencils and ordinary craft acrllyic paint I put on the flowers.I was not even especially careful with the stenciling as I was going for an aged look in the end. The long stencil was too wide so I just used bits and pieces at a time. I sprayed the drawers with high gloss black paint and then sponged them with gold Folk Art paint from Michaels.

Since it is winter and the humidity is so high, I am using the cabinet now but in the spring I will roll it out on a warm day and give it a coat of antique glaze and spray it several times with a high gloss clear glaze for a lacquered effect. It required no "artistic" talent using the stencils....just time and patience.

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