Happy holidays to ewe!

I have a very old ewe, Dolly, who is really getting "long-in-the-tooth" but she is a wonderful mother and has the most beautiful daughters. Most of my sheep have longer narrow heads but Dolly's daughters are born with heads that are almost heart shaped and they mature with large wide-set eyes and extremely long lashes. Above is Amber... born last April. I chose her for my Xmas lamb this year and with a little help from my photo software I adorned her with a wreath. She'll bedeck our xmas cards and bridge tallies during this season.

Although gorgeous Amber is very mischievous and a greedy eater. As a lamb she continually slipped under fences and gates and then bawled her head off because she was separated from her momma. She caused her momma no end of aggravation. Below is Amber at just a few days old. She just couldn't eat from the basket, she had to jump right into it..... Still first at the feeder.


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Merry Christmas to ewe also :)
Beautiful ewe!

allie aller said...

Don't you love how animals have such distinct personalities?
Your Amber is darling....
Merry Christmas!

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