Susie Wolf

I recently learned of  Susie Wolf's passing in August.  
Susie and I had so many wonderful trips and visits. That will always be so special to me. I loved it when she came to visit me in Spokane. We could be  up to our armpits in fabrics and lace, creating wonderful things.  And when I went To LA to visit her  we went to all the flea markets.  We'd be up to our armpits in fabrics and lace.
We met on Crazy Quilti International on Facebook shortly after her husband  passed and she needed a friend.  I was glad to step up to the plate.    

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S Barton said...

Sorry to hear of the passing of your friend Susie.

I thought I would mention that I made pumpkin muffins from your great pumpkin bread recipe. It works better for me to make 6 large muffins than a loaf of bread. I freeze the muffins individually and take one out when I want it. I also bought a Princess Diana clematis a couple months ago and she is blooming beautifully. I love the flowers. So thank you on both accounts! Hope you have a great week.

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