How to make ribbon fuchsias.

I could have done these fuchsias right on the block with silk ribbon as the technique would have been the same.  But since I love the option of being able to move things around before they're in their final resting spot, I made the fuchsias in parts as you can see here.

First I gathered 4 little loops of 2mm white silk ribbon and secured them with thread and attached the stamens.  The I folded a length (about 3") and gathered at the fold.  I put 4 of these together and gathered at the top to make the petals.. Lower right on the plate are the buds.

First I attached the white inter-petals at the end of the chain/stem/ Then I positioned the larger petals just about the lower one and secured them..
 To cover the receptacle part and hide the gathering threads I did a vertical stitching. On the first try I tried going around the gathering horizonally but it didn't work... Vertical MUCH better!

I used the green thread to wrap the chain stem and then I could fuss and fiddle with the petals and tack them in place...

 Now they are ready for me to add the buds and leaves...  The leaves are going to be a bit of a challenge.  I would love to do them in the ribbon leaf stitch but I only have 2mm silk ribbon left in the right shades of greens.

They would be much easier to do the fuchsias a little larger... But since I stitched the hummingbird first I has forced to keep the flowers in scale to it so mine are only about 1" high.

So I'm again turning to a Di Van Niekerk  piece for inspiration..  This is part of one of her pieces. Notice some of these leaves are with the ribbon leaf stitch but many are just a chain stitch which is what I 'll use. I have all her books and highly recommend them.

You can see her work and find her books at her blog. She also has some tutorials on her site.  Her books are what I turn to whenever I want to do some ribbonwork...  You'll notice that she uses organza ribbon a lot... I think it's flowers that will allow me to use up my organza ribbons.


Marilyn said...

This is going to be another gorgeous block. I really like the colours in this one and I love the hummer - you always make such nice hummers. I'm without a computer since last Friday so I have to come when the library open and check mails and blogs. Sure messes up my morning coffee routine! I only have one of Di's books but I use it a lot and hope to get some others eventually.

Sandi said...

Ooh, so dainty and fragile looking. I really love the colors. And love your last block on your headed.

Suztats said...

Oh, I love your fuchsias and what a cute hummingbird!

gocrazywithme said...

I was going to suggest detached chain stitches in 2 mm for your leaves. Maybe very soft and loose?

Unknown said...

wow, Gerry absolutely beautiful work. I can do embroidery but I am hesitant to try something so detail. I will just admire yours and say how blessed you are to be able to do such work that is beautiful and you do enjoy. Blessings

margaret said...

one word delightful

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