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I get these little rubber  buttons from the Lilac Services for the Blind.  They’re such a small item,  but it's amazing how valuable they have become to me.

My computer keyboard has become completely redundant for typing.  I am totally dependent on text reader and dictation features.  Both of these require keyboard commands that consist of combinations of two or three keys.  For example, Microsoft Word text reader

requires control + alt + space to start reading.     Microsoft Narrator requires cap lock + r for continuous reading. There are over 100 such commands but I only use about 10 or 12. 

 n order to keep track of the main command keys, I use buttons for guidance. I first used them on the control panel on the microwave.  And then I put them on specific pill bottles to differentiate between my medicines.

The buttons are only about 1/4 inch across, but they will stick to anything. I cannot only use the buttons, I can trim away the grid around them as a negative space. It's such a tiny item to have such a huge impact.  It not only guides me to command keys, it helps me orient myself to all the surrounding keys.

So now all the expensive magnifying glasses and lamps are unusable.  The  most important parts of my daily functioning depend on little tiny rubber buttons.  I'm so grateful for them and to the Lilac Services for the Blind for providing them. 

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Kathy said...

Hi Gerry. It’your other Kathy. No, the other one. This the first time I visited your blog. And it is so appropriate for my husband and I. I’m glad to see you are carrying on with your good life. That is husband, cooking, gardening. My life is still in SLC. So many Dr. and hospitals. But so many grandchildren. 3 more coming up from AZ to stay a week. And my great granddaughter is now here with her parents. I miss you more now that I have been to your blog. ❤️

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