Daffodil Daze

 My favorite flower without a doubt is the daffodil.  When I moved to the farm in 1980 there was a huge clump of daffodils behind the house that was so overgrown that there were mostly green leaves and few daffodils.  I divided them, added to them and moved them everywhere.  By the time I left 40 years later I could go out in the spring and pick huge bouquets of them for weeks.   In fact, the area behind the pond I called "Daffodil Hill."  I brought bags of bulbs with me to this house and wish I had brought more. 

I loved having luncheons and teas for my lady friends and had several with a daffodil theme over the years.  The most elaborate was in 2004 and here is the menu.  I wish I could still cook like that.  Yesterday it was all I could do to make a batch of cookies and cook dinner... even then I burned one pan of the cookies.

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