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 DH let me know that the supply of homemade soups in the freezer is running low so I went in search of recipes a little different than my usual standbys  and DH favorites.. Over the next 2-3 weeks I'll try these with the extra goal of adding more beans and grains to our diet.

1. An Italian sausage meatball   soup using a dried 15 bean mix and lots of veggies (and maybe a couple extra cans of black beans or kidney beans as well).

2.  A Moroccan chicken/sweet potato soup with chick peas and spiced with turmeric and cumin..

3. A cauliflower/cod chowder.  I don't  have cod but do have rockfish in the freezer which needs to be used.  This recipe uses lots of leeks and cherry tomatoes as well.  I will sneak some white beans into this as well..

4. With the garden in mind I am making a Pea/Pea/Pea soup.  To a base of dried peas and ham hocks I'll add fresh peas, pea pods and frozen peas.  Best of all I'll add lots of the abundance of fresh tender pea vines in the garden.

5.  And last but not least a Squash/Kale/Brown Rice soup to use up the  the squash from the fall harvest of spaghetti squash.  The recipe I found had apple added and was spiced with cinnamon and allspice. I will add some cooked wheat berries as well.  A big batch of each of these soups should carry us into the winter.

There are an abundance of squash blossoms now and one night next week we'll have squash blossoms stuffed with shrimp and ricotta cheese dipped in batter and deep fried... Yummy.

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Momma Bear said...

I love soup. It's food for the soul and never fails to cheer me up. I love all kinds of soup. I even make stuff up sometimes, even though it doesn't always work out.
a good summer soup is Thi Tom Yum a coconut milk spicy vegetable soup, full of carrots, zucchini, green onions,jalapeno and lemongrass. it's still flavorful if you omit the hot peppers.

I have a go-to soup that everyone asks for when the weather gets foul. its called suppa tuscona and it is wonderful!
You brown hot Italian sausage then remove from pan.
Then saute 1/2 an onion ( i like wa sweets) 2-3 chunked potatoes 2 sliced carrots in a 1/2 a stick of butter until the potatoes brown a little.
Then add 4c of chicken broth, return the sausage and simmer until the taters are cooked and add a large bunch of spined, chopped ruffled kale. simmer until the leaves are wilted and add 1/2 pt of whipping cream before serving.Yum!
Mom says it freezes well but we never seem to make it that far.

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