Rabbits and Daisies -CQJP #5

I found the runaway rabbit and Morris was not guilty... As soon as I found it I stitched it firmly on the block.... I had experimented with wording on felt for the lift-up tabs for my Morris book and liked it.  Did it again with the limerick on this block..  Will explain the process if anyone is interested.

I did stitch a nice, well-behaved little bunny lower right.


Lady Locust said...

It is just beautiful! Love those tiny flower buttons. Your work is amazing.

Marilyn said...

Glad to hear that the lost is found and that Morris is not the culprit. both bunnies are cute but isn't it the ones who are imginative and cause problems who are the favourites! He seems to be eating your very expensive daisy trim. Your sense of fun and joy in stitching really comes through on this block.

Gerry said...

Gerry, this is a darling block. I love the way you've framed the cottage. Nicely done!

NickiLee said...

Oh Gerry - I'll say it again - LOVE your work! Each and every creation is such a pretty piece of art - you must have enough now to fill a little CQ museum. I certainly would be interested in a tutorial.

Enjoy your weekend!

crafty cat corner said...

Those rabbits are just gorgeous, I love the stitching, it looks like fur.
The button is just right.
I for one would love to know how you did the writing, it looks so original.
Great block, I love it.

Momma Bear said...

Gerry I love your rabbits! they have such personality!
this years CQJ is just loverly, I'm liking all the soft pastels and lovely laces

gocrazywithme said...

Yes, please, show us how to do the wording on felt.

This is my favorite of your journal blocks so far. Very whimsical! And that naughty rabbit taking off for a few days just adds to the story.

margaret said...

so so lovely, your blocks get better and better and each time I think she cannot improve on this and then you come up with another one.
Would love to know how you did the wording on felt please.

Wendy said...

This is another beautiful block Gerry! You should be very proud of this series of blocks.

Thearica said...

This is simply gorgeous!

Marjolein said...

A very pretty block!
I am interested in the "wording on felt" process.

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