Retreat Aftermath

Of course one of the risks I take going to the retreat is seeing lots of things I JUST have to have so have been busy shopping online... First I absolutely have to have a subscription to Inspirations magazine... You can get a subscription through Amazon but it is much cheaper getting it directly from the magazine itself.... so https://countrybumpkin.com.au/subscription.php?country=223
If you've read my blog at all you know how I struggle with seams but at the retreat I was borrowing Tiger Tape from everyone and may indeed become a seam queen after all. So I ordered the regular AND the flexible for going around curves. http://www.oldmadequilts.com/tiger_tape.html
Someone recommended this site for spider charms so I ordered some and also some bird charms that look like some Pat Winter uses that I admire. http://www.alphastamps.com/collageitemsmetal3.html#crossbones
I adore alcohol inks and have the entire set of earthy colors but Leslie brought the new Light and Bright colors and I have to have them too. http://www.nonadesigns.com/alcohol.htm

Claudina Hruby guided me to a source for my favorite matte antique-gold seed beads and graciously sent me a hank... http://www.orrs.com/ The beads are not on the website but I emailed them to nail down the name etc. for when I want to order more.
Of course I wanted Cindy Brick's hanky panky quilt book... In fact I wanted 2 copies, one for myself and one for my bestest friend... That has been a big search.... Karrin H has offered to trade for one and I finally found one at ecampus.com. I thought I had one ordered from England but like all other listings they responded that they were sold out. But I have my two and am very happy.
Then I got all the books at Crafters Book Club. So finally I am down to what I think is the last order and that is white ribbon from Ribbonsmyth so I can dye my own ribbon..... But all this, with what I bought while there, will deplete all my needlework funds for the the entire next year.... But what fun I will have through the winter....and winter is eminent...It is supposed to get 22 degrees F. tonight so will be draining and coiling hoses today and winterizing outside water taps and finding the electric water heaters for stock tanks.

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Ati. said...

Have to have ;) I know that :-D

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