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Problem: I want to display some of my blocks in hopes of getting others interested in CQ but the finishing techniques I have seen are daunting... Also I wanted to be able to both hang or put on a stand.
Solution: I remember Jo saying she used a very heavy fusible backing.. I was sure she said 2-sided fusible but no matter as all I could find was Peltex72F at a fabric store. Apparently it is used for purses and totes but only one fusible side. Well the stuff is amazing and when finished the block is very firm.

I added a small corded loop just over the buttons above the tassels which makes it easy to hang on a wall.
Since at the senior center the only place to display them is in glass cases they needed to stand alone... I bought these wire plate/frame holder at the dollar store years ago and used them in the nursery shop for signs but they are perfect for this...
Peltex is firm enough that the block sits nicely on the stand. I am going to do a few others and will photo the process for you..

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Anonymous said...

I've never done this, but had the idea it might work for you too. Add an extra layer at the top of your block [on the back] maybe 2-3 inches. It would be sewn across the top and sides but the bottom would be left loose. You could slide a piece of cardboard or foam board cut to size under that loose flap.
Just a thought ...

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