Allison Aller (http://alliesinstitches.blogspot.com/ ) is so enthusiastic about this book that I had to have it so I searched the internet for the best price and found this site..... http://www.crafterschoice.com/pages/home/homepage.jsp I could get it and 3 other books for $1 apiece. I'm usually really leery of these "club" things but I looked thru their books and found that I could easily find the required 2 books in 2 years... In fact all their selections were discounted and any future 2 purchases allowed you to pick a bonus book for $1.99. Right off I saw books on stumpwork, faux painting, jewelry and paper folding that I'd like but will wait until my new ones arrive. So for I got about $100 worth of books for $4............My other three $1 choices were the following:

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gocrazywithme said...

Gerry, I've been a member of this club for years, and I think Connie is too. It's a reputable club. You won't be sorry you joined. They send a featured selection notification each month and you can reply to it by mail or online.

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