I am thinking I'll have a fire in the fireplace tonight. It got down to 19 degree F.
(-7 C) last night and is supposed to get to 13 degrees tonight. I'm so glad that I got all the pipe heaters, tank heaters, hoses coiled, etc etc. all done.... Even tho I love winter, I hate frozen pipes of any kind and we've had a few in this old house over the years.... I do love the clean bracing air in the winter tho and being outside is so invigorating.

Hosted a bridge round robin yesterday. One woman was a slight acquaintance and first time at my house. She was aghast we would drive 400 miles to get a "used" dog and obviously not a dog lover as she said she'd rather have 4 more kids than a dog.... I can't see she and I becoming close bosom buddies anytime soon!

This is a Christmas DYB block I did last year for Debbie S..

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