Lace and Progress

I did lace in potassium permanganate yesterday. It's hanging all over the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room to dry. Sometime odd-colored lace such as neon pink are transformed from something I would NEVER use to something I just love...

Sorry this photo is a bit out of focus but at this stage it matters not. The first fun part is gathering all the possible things you might use to embellish.. The second fun part is when you start narrowing that down. I'm at the second part now. I stitch a little, lay out pieces of trim, stitch a little more and lay out more trim and so on. I don't want to secure the laces until the fan sections are embellished.
The large prints continue to be challenging but that is why I tried them so no whinging allowed.... I do admit that they do add something tho. I have some old facets jet beads and old pearls to embellish the laces... I get so focused at this point I want to do it all at once.
HCWH* was supposed to play out of town in a bridge tournament and I was going to have the entire day and evening to make a huge mess making new blocks for winter projects. Unfortunately his partner has the flu so not only is husband home he has invited neighbors for dinner which, of course, means the only table in the house must be cleared of stash.. Both Saturday afternoon and Sunday we are both playing together in the tournament so will take some stitching along... and won't be posting.
* handsome, charming , witty husband

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