Moulin Rouge Block

I know I've posted this block on the blog a couple times before but now it's mounted. I haven't attached tassels to this block yet because it really needs something a little more spectacular than just regular tassels and buttons ...definitely something beaded and opulent... I might even double mount this and bead all the way around it..... something to think about anyway.. BUT in the meantime I can use it "as is" if necessary... Hooray!

Robin Atkins asked me to bring something CQ for "show & tell" to Bellevue next month.. Now I can bring a few of these blocks.. one other nice thing about this mounting method is that they will be easy to pack to travel.....

1 comment:

Aida Costa said...

Oh, stunning!!! My favourite colours :)

I really admire your eye for CQ embellishment. I have a hard time adding enough 'stuff' to my blocks and they usually look a bit sparse. These mounted blocks of yours are great inspiration, thanks for sharing!

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