Time to start kissing toads!!!

As I get older it's harder and harder to tackle some projects alone... Years ago I had a retired carpenter I could call for help with the odd job and he was perfect. But, alas, he too got older and passed away and I've never been able to replace him... The ones I have tried have been either lazy, expensive, unreliable and incompetent and really don't want small jobs even though they say they do. And it is amazing how many resent taking directions from a woman.
But after 20 years I did find the perfect plumber...again retired.... who is willing to do the odd plumbing job. We have an 102 year old house that always has plumbing problems. Plumber Bill is a prince but I had to kiss a lots of toads and waste a lot of money until I found him. I give him perennials and bake him cookies and bread and treat him royally..

So now I find myself with more carpenter work than I can possibly get done alone before winter and went through Craigslist last night. I pulled the following ads:

#1 Any size of project I can do. I can fix small items, yard work, maintenance, remodeling, new structures, and even custom homes. I work hard, efficiently, and can do or organize just about any project you can put in front of me. Call Mike at

#2 I have the time and skill for the jobs around your house you don’t have time for. I am an experienced Handyman with references to do just about any of your needs at a reasonable price. Free estimates, on painting (interior and exterior), hauling debris, landscaping and lawncare, culture stone, flagstone patios, deck repair, fence repair, sprinkler systems, minor plumbing and electrical, Dry wall, and cleaning. Email me. Thank You for Your Time, Rick P.

#3 I have been a general contractor for over 10 years and can do your laundry list of unfinished work, yardwork, general labor, and small projects. I am very efficient and ready to start. Please call

The words "general contractor" probably rules #3 out for small jobs... The first thing I need done is to raccoon-proof my chicken house which might be below the standard of employment for him.... Wish me luck!!!!!


Ruby said...

GOOD LUCK! Finding 'good' help of any kind is hard everywhere. I did get some help in the kitchen this week.

Anonymous said...

Gerry, I wish I lived closer, I would send my 3 boys (men) over to help you out! Maybe they could look for my socks while they"re there! Debbie (Maine)

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