Basic Structure and Paper Dolls

The planning for the basic structure of project is set at this point.. All the seam treatments , SRE, charms, buttons etc. after this stage are impromptu and flexible.. But once this stuff shown is basted it stays. I going with larger major motifs to balance the bold prints. One robin motif has morphed into three and I reluctantly abandoned the velour basket because it just didn't work.... but I will use the velour for the nest for the baby robins...

At this stage I often cut out shapes and pictures from paper and play with placement on the block... Even the pic of my grandmother is just a paper print to help me with placement and size. I have considered 5 or 6 different options for framing the print but once I pinned this lace down that was it... The lace on the upper corner of the right block was chosen because it echos 2 other shapes on the block. (see arrows) Same for flowers on left. This large motif was a gift from my super secret sister (SSS) I couldn't bear to cut it up and waited until I had a project large enough to handle it. On lower left front I want to embroider "Love my Singer." and somewhere on the piece I want to duplicate celtic knot decal on the bed of the machine.. There is a fabulous site featuring old Singer decals http://www.treadleon.net/oldtreadleonia/university/museum/decals/decals.html

Once basted it will go into the "retreat" pile. Last year I didn't take enough to work on and won't make that mistake this year. It's amazing how much you get done sitting hour after hour chatting, laughing and stitching...


Maddie Can Fly said...

You are using more my colors so I think these blocks are gorgeous. I love the pic of your relative -- I think I told you that before. The lace frame is perfect for it. (Lesa, CQForNewbies)

FredaB said...

Hi Gerry

I went to the site for the Featherweights and was very excited to see that a model was made with a gold decal for The Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, Canada. I immediately got mine out as it has a gold decal but unfortunately it just said
Singer Mfg. Co and has a nice design with a threaded needle and other things.

I grew up in Toronto and the Exhibition was the biggest thing of the year.
It started last Wed. this year and will close after Labour Day. Some of our relatives who were down for our anniv. party were talking about going.
I actually found mine in an antique shop in the Carmel Valley, CA and I carried it home on the plane. From its numbers on the bottom I know mine is an AG and was made in 1941. They discontinued them during the wartime and the next one made was in 1947.
Do you have Nancy Johnson-Srebro's little black and gold booklet titled Featherweight 221 - The Perfect Portable?

It is a handy little one to have. If you don't know when yours was made look at the serial # on the bottom and it will start with an A - email me the first 2 letters and I can look it up for you.



Karen said...

Thank you for sharing this helps to give me ideas for future planning. I don't do much and maybe that is one of my downfalls.

Outdoor Wreath said...

nice blog

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