Emmy's Block- "embellish the embellishments"

To begin with this is a very small block...7" at basting line, barely bigger than a DYB block... So it's already very full when it gets to me as the last person... When that happens I shamelessly embellish the embellishments. LOL I want to have it done before I go to retreat as it's the last block in this RR for me to work on. The changes to the block will be more subtle that on the others in this RR. As I look at it:
1. It definitely needs more lace and will put some under the butterfly and on the purple block at center bottom..

2. I'll add a large elegant dragonfly front and center (my bit of drama).
3. It needs a several smaller crocheted flowers to repeat larger one and work with the larger one to echo the shape in the lower right and maybe button centers on all the flowers....
4. I love the intense purple in the center of the poppies and will try to sneak it into other places in the block.
5. Finally I'll finish lots of beading all over....starting with the rose in the center.....and maybe a few more buttons, including a hand painted butterfly button to fill in...
So even tho it is a small block and fairly full, I find plenty I want to add to it...surprise! surprise!


Susan/CqLily said...

I cannot wait to see what you do...Your additions sound superb!

Robin said...

You have such a design sense, Gerry! I admire those who can look at a piece and know what it needs and why!!!

Thanks for visiting my post about the Memory Box! I'm so pleased we'll get to meet in person when you take my class at the Bellevue Bead Festival!!! That's really exciting! Will you bring me a show'n'tell or two?

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