Hardware added to garage techno!

I found a "ding and dent" rolling tool chest cheap and am moving in. I got it cheap because the door on the bottom bin is broken but I can fix it..Not a printers cabinet but is great...

I got some mismatched vintage hardware from the barn on it now.I did find some neat stencils at the craft store which will be the next step along with some gold detailing.

While searching for storage units I found this one on steroids at "garage toys for boys" It would take the most dedicated CQers to fill it..... The guy that would buy this must have one of those "monster" pickups!!!LOL


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Wonderful! lol - it's amazing what you find when you keep your eyes open!
Now thinking about garage techno and stitching supplies, it was inevitable I start dreaming of a new tv show.... we'll call it "Pimp My Sewing Room"! roflol

gocrazywithme said...

Gerry, your metal storage chest is getting quite the makeover. It is already looking good with the new hardware.

That monster cabinet thing is for professional mechanics. My DH is one and I will NOT be showing him that picture. He has well over $100,000 invested in tools and has a high-tech locking cabinet like that to keep them in, but he's always looking for a bigger one. Size matters to men in all things, doesn't it?

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