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Now I'm looking for two things.... UFO blues. I still haven't found the painted buttons to finish my challenge block and now I can't find the bag of black 11s to finish the BJP magpie wings... When this happens the only thing to do is start cleaning up my work areas. It's amazing what turns up.
I'm more conservative with the beading than I'd like and my goal is to loosen up over the year... I know I will be be doing much more beading and in many more ways on my CQI projects.
I love the size 15s but having a terrible time finding them even on line...anyone want to share a source??

I'm still finalizing my list of birds for this project.. So far I have magpie, quail , house finch, chickadee, grosbeak, downy, song sparrow, nut hatch, flicker, song sparrow, gold finch, and red-winged blackbird... the last two are only here year round in mild winters. It is hard to choose because we have so many because I have so much food and shelter for them....


Lisa Caryl said...

Hi Gerri,
Try http://www.fusionbeads.com/ They have a great selection of of all sizes and shapes of seedbeads. Shipping is free with no minimums. I've been very happy with the quality and service. Sure enjoy your blog! Lisa

Robin said...

I'll never forget the very first time I saw a magpie... What an enchanting prince of birds! And you've captured the spirit, playfulness and acrobatic nature of magpie completely! Was this your original design? Technically it's marvelous too!

As for your list... I love them all! You've included all of my favorites except the perky little winter wren. I'm so looking forward to seeing them emerge! I also hope as they do that you'll unfold your passion and knowledge about them in your blog. That would be such a gift!

As for your goal of loosening up over the year... I'll be there with you. Yet at the same time, I love the accuracy that "tight" produces, especially in this piece.


Nicki Lee said...

How pretty! You are way ahead of the game! I love your idea of using different birds. I've been collecting seashells and starfish to incorporate into my BJP but don't think I can get started until after Christmas.

I'm headed back out to CA for Christmas and while there will be going on another wild trip through the Fabric District if you want me to look for some specific beads for you.

AngelDoll said...

Hi Gerry,
Oh your beading is absolutely beautiful!!! (even though I was never fond of this bird when I was a little girl, raised on the farm...don't see too many in the city here). I have enrolled in the BJP also and am hoping to use your beautiful work to motivate me to start. I love your theme, that is birds, but wondering if you will add the robin or wren. The robin is my favorite bird as my Dad loved the robin but passed away last year at the age of 93. His birthday is today so I have two candles burning in his memory.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work! I have your site as MY FAVORITE BLOG TO FOLLOW! and wouldn't miss seeing your beautiful creations for anything!

Have a wonderful day and I can't WAIT to see your other masterpieces emerge...I will be back. Take care. i can see you must LOVE doing all this work, as it it shows!
"Your inspired follower"

Julie said...


I like General Beads - on the side bar scroll down to seed beads, then Japanese beads to see the 15s they offer...

Julie In San Diego

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Gerry - your magpie is outstanding! It is easy to see how your beading is evolving after taking Robin`s class - I can`t wait to see where your inspiration takes you next!

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