Blocked Up!!

What was supposed to be a 2 day project has lasted about 6 days... Since doing blocks is not my favorite thing, I wanted to do bunch at once for the new year. I would cut them out one day and sew them up the next....right!!!
I had already finished the ones for the encrusted DYOB and then I planned to do 3 red (one for the goldwork RR - 2 extra),
2 gold (1 for use of special dyed laces and motifs = 1 extra),
2 black (for spider bag) and another set of DYOBs for a goldwork RR if it goes..
I have them all sewn except the black which I will do this afternoon. THEN I can expose the table. My HWCH* eyes the table wistfully every day when looking for somewhere to sit and eat.

Since I plan to do some serious needlework after the first of the year I don't want piddly projects distracting me... So that being said.....there are a few piddly projects to do straight away... One is to paint up some buttons, another is to dye some lace for the spider bag and gold blocks and the third is design two more pieces ahead for my BJP... Luckily these are all things I can do with my arm in the sling and luckily it is my left arm.....


Anonymous said...

Oh Gerry i love the colors of all your blocks, totally my color themes. Just beautiful. I look forward to watching them transform into beautiful embellished blocks.

Thanks for sharing your blocks!!!

susiew said...

Gerry, Long time reader - first time commenting. I am amazed ... if you hadn't written that you use the same pattern for all blocks I would never have known. Your value choices, distribution and rotation makes them look entirely different. Definitely an idea to consider! Susie

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